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algodones gallery

martin quintana - owner

Martin Quintana was born in Pecos, New Mexico, and graduated from high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in languages and a Master Degree in guidance and counseling.  Martin Quintana served in the US Navy in the enlisted ranks.  He was commissioned in the US Air Force and served fourteen honorable years and rose to the rank of Major with the Air Force. He retired as a highly decorated officer with the United State armed forces.


Martin Quintana retired from the Air Force in September of 1993.  After retiring, Martin began a trucking company in Algodones, NM.  He owned and operated the company for fifteen years.  The trucking company was very successful until he decided he needed a change.


Martin retired from the trucking company in 2009 and initiated the now Algodones Gallery.  In Algodones he has created the space and solitude to foster a creative environment.  The Algodones Gallery currently promotes and sponsors artists and continues to grow.  The artists are masters in several media including: stone, oil painting, metal art and garden features.  The Gallery continues to develop by adding garden sculptures, fountains, gazebos, petroglyph art and much more.  The gallery is a working studio.  The Algodones Gallery sponsors professional artists who are regionally, nationally and internationally recognized.  Martin’s ultimate vision is to provide an inspiring beautiful setting for the artists to work and for the public to enjoy the art in a natural environment.

placitas WILD

Placitas WILD thanks

Martin Quintana, Mark, Chad and the gallery artist at the Algodones Sculpture Gallery for their support of our WILD HORSES

Thanks to all of you the San Felipe Wild Horse Preserve has received much needed donations and was given space for a "recuperation corral" to keep the Placitas Wild Horses safe and free.

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