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david delaney - painter

"Winter Sunset"
"Casa Rondeña Winery"
"Road to O'Keeffe's"
"Chama River No.2"
"First Snow"
"Bob's Home"
"Ranchos de Taos Church"
"San Jose Church"
"The Path"

about david

David grew up in the dusty oil fields of West Texas, where high school football is king.


“My interest in art started with a photography class at Odessa High.  I found it allowed my creativity to flow.  Taking pictures taught me composition and photography became second nature to me”


Moving to Santa Fe, NM in the early 90’s he began working for various galleries on Canyon Road.  He did this for almost 12 years.  While there, two people made a significant impact on him; one was palette painter Judy Ortiz, the other impressionist painter Rod Hubble.  This is when his interest in photography shifted towards painting.


“I worked for the Postal Service in Santa Fe for almost twenty years.  But my heart kept pulling me towards the arts.  I was profoundly inspired by the New Mexico landscapes and really wanted to paint.”


It was during this time David committed himself to painting, taking classes at the Valdez School of Art in Santa Fe.  Soon he began showing at galleries on Canyon Rd.


While living in Santa Fe, David attended the University of Phoenix where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business.  He also became a whitewater rafting guide and a champion racquetball player.


David moved to Albuquerque in 2008.  One of his first commissions was a mural in the cafeteria at the Homeless Children’s Shelter off 4th street in Albuquerque, NM.   He also taught acrylic painting at Michaels craft stores. 


David is a prolific painter who works primarily with acrylics. 


He moved to Algodones, NM in 2017 to paint and work at the Algodones Art Gallery.  He divides his time between New Mexico and the Virgin Islands.

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